Team shenanigans

I started taking a few pictures at our team meeting last night…

Image(phone call at 6:48 AM…)

NOAH: Hey, Dan, I’ve got an amazing idea!

DAN: Dude, I know what you’re gonna say – I wore it to bed last night, just so I wouldn’t forget to put it on this morning.

ImageRachel was sporting some sweet pink kicks. “How beautiful the feet…”

ImagePayton was full of great ideas for skill clubs! We’ve got lots of possibilities to choose from.

ImageRylei proposes a deal: “I say we have a grizzly hunt for one of our skill club activities!” Noah approves. Owen J. looks on skeptically.

And then I put down the camera, because we were just having TOO MUCH FUN together. Look for fundraising letters, coming soon to a mailbox near you!