Work, Community & Hiking

What We Did

Max:  Today my team and I went stripping…otherwise known as LOG STRIPPING!  Despite all the cuts and slivers we fought through the pain and stripped 106 logs! It was super fun! My God story is that John yelled out a 10 minute break and everyone sat down to rest but Dan and Noah kept carrying logs and I really just saw god shining through both of them.

Love, Max!

p.s. this is the first time I have ever blogged and that’s why its ehh Continue reading


What We’re Up To
Our first day in Alaska was truly great, and it was sweet to be able to witness the beauty of God at its best. In the morning we got to do devotions with the backdrop of mountains – a sight I will not soon forget. After breakfast, we were welcomed into a small church in the community that was a huge change from the norm of Blackhawk for our team, as the attendance of our home church has more people than the entire town of Sutton. Right after lunch we drove out to a glacier to do some serious glaciating. We forded monstrous rivers and long-jumped over ginormous crevasses. Glaciers with mountains in the background are a sight everyone should see. Dinner was eaten near there, and a campfire back at command central and the day was done. The sunlight here is incredible! We are writing this at 10:45, and the sky looks like it is 6:00. Here are just some of the ways we witnessed God on our first day in the last frontier… Continue reading

The Final Countdown…

Only 2 days ’til I experience a once in a lifetime trip. Only 48 hours ’til I possibly change someone’s life. Only 2880 minutes ’til someone else changes my life. Only 172800 seconds ’til my footsteps and fingerprints leave their mark.

And the countdown continues…


Ready, set, GO!

This entire week has just been a blur for me and I’m finding it hard to believe that we leave in TWO DAYS! Tonight, we had our packing party to consolidate our checked luggage and pack the rest of our supplies for the team. There are less checked bags going than people AND all of our supplies are packed!  Continue reading