Wood Splitting and Such…

Today Max, Mike, Olivia, and I went wood splitting and had so much fun! We finished early so we went to the church. I got to use the weed whacker!!! After that we went over to help the others with more wood splitting. Roark somehow calculated we had split about 17,000 pieces of wood!! The other half of the group made a wall with rocks to keep a root-cellar cool, but I didn’t think I should do it because my foot still hurts from earlier in the trip when I stepped on a rusty nail. Once we got back we hung out and now we are getting ready for the community cookout. I can’t wait!!! This trip has been so amazing with seeing all the beautiful mountains and the moose. I’m so glad I came!

The Polar Bear Hunter,
Kallie Everson

Hi this is Kaleb. Today Brian, James, Anna Marie, Kristin, Andrea and I went to a guy named Mario’s house where we moved landscaping stones. After that he was so nice that he bought us pizza for lunch. Even though i saw God working through us there the place where i really saw him was at Pastor Lee’s house. Here we helped him clean up an oil spill while telling jokes, riddles, and just having fun. On our way back to camp Andrea was telling us that other groups wondered why he just didn’t hide the oil spill instead of reporting it, but he would say “I knew it was the right thing to do.” I thought that really was amazing how honest he was, even though it made a lot more work for him.

Peace Out Boy Scout,