We All Got Rich

Britney: Yesterday started out with an amazing devotional time. We talked about Honesty and integrity. Yesterday I worked on separating rocks from a pile of gravel. I had so much fun. Our group was being very creative on ways to have fun. We named rocks and we rolled rocks. I had a lot of fun rolling very large rocks to the pile of rocks. We were making a sledding hill for the students of the Sutton elementary school. Then we went back to the elementary school to hang out with the middle school students. We did wheel chair races and card games while others played with water balloons. Then we went to a gold mines and saw some  pretty amazing buildings and carts. When we got back we had our nightly camp fire where we told god stories and prayed as a group.

James: Yesterday we went to Independence Gold Mine and there was a stream where there were rocks with little flecks of “gold” and we went on a trail that went up a mountain to a broken shack. When we were standing in the parking lot of the gold mine, there were crosses we could see on top of the mountains and it was awesome!

In the morning when we went to work, we were mowing and trimming at local women’s houses. The women we mowed for gave us cold water and were very nice. Tasha (one of the women) gave us a four leaf clover that she found. When we were mowing at Carol’s house, we had an amazing view of the mountains and a drop off that reminded me of how much God has made.

Sam: Last night our group went to a abandoned mine surrounded by some amazing mountains. and during our hike we found a little river filled with rocks that had little flakes of gold in them. Personally I think I was the one who was most greedy by taking the most rocks back to camp.

I think I saw God so far in the nature of Alaska. The mountains remind me of just how big God is, and the fast flowing rivers remind me of how he washes away our sin.

Peace out homies!


Team games at the local school



Our “gold”


At campfire – can you believe it’s 10:30 PM?!