Is today Tuesday????

oday Emma Peek, Dan, Anna Marie, Morgan and I went to a community member’s house and we were helping him in his yard. he had been building his house since July of 2006 and he has done it all himself. Some of us were helping build a fence, some of us were moving wood and some of us were digging. I’m sure it would have been very hard but he was very talkative. We got there at 10 but didn’t do one thing until 11. So over all it was a great day and we are all okay. Except for Dan. He had to fight a moose but luckily escaped with only two scratches.

ummm I don’t really know how to end it sooo bye


While in Alaska I have noticed a couple things

#1 Its extremely easy to get a random nose bleed while just sitting in your bed just because of the dry air.


#2 The bugs here are ginormous….especially the mosquitoes.

Today I found a new bug repellent. I personally could do without the bugs so when I was chosen to mow a lawn today, I was just a little nervous about all the nasty creatures hiding in the ankle deep weed mess. So, after a couple tries to start the lawn mower i got Brian to actually start it and then I was off into the wilderness. What i noticed was that the bugs literally either disappeared (a.k.a got chopped up) or fled the large push mower. So there is my new bug repellent. I’m not gonna lie, I was feeling pretty powerful right then! I only ran into a rosebush twice and got stuck on a hill about a million times, but overall it was a pretty good experience! I may be biased, but that lawn is the best looking lawn on the world right now.