How Great is Our God

There are so many incredible moments here that it would take me a day just to write home about all the love, humility, joy and servant – hood I am experiencing here. The students we are serving with demonstrate a maturity and love for Christ beyond their years … and an energy level I just wish I could keep up with! 

Last night, we prayed a unique prayer of humility around the campfire. Jon reminded us that in order to be humble, we have to know WHO GOD IS and our group prayed:

“God you are ______, and I am ________”

Some examples included:

  • God, you are everywhere, and I am just here
  • God, you went 33 years without sinning and I could not last an hour
  • God, you are so strong, and I tire so easily
  • God, you know everything, and I see so little
  • God, you love everyone and I struggle to be compassionate

To know that He is bigger than the mountains and more beautiful than all we can see here puts awe in my heart and mind.

As we continue through our week, we ask your prayers for the following:

  • Energy to continue serving as our bodies and minds begin to fatigue
  • Praise for the incredible family hosting us – SHOUT OUT to Jim, Lynnae, Andrea, Chase, Grandma Jean, Lucas, Caleb, Alyssa and Jacob for bringing us into their family and going out of their way to serve us.
  • Students to continue joining us in our afternoon activities – we had TWO more today!!
  • Continued encouragement and growth on our team

Tonight, our students are participating in an Alaskan Olympics designed for us by the staff here at Eaglecrest – the pictures and stories should be amazing.

Thank you families for all the love and prayers – we could not do this without you!

In His name,