Work, Community & Hiking

What We Did

Max:  Today my team and I went stripping…otherwise known as LOG STRIPPING!  Despite all the cuts and slivers we fought through the pain and stripped 106 logs! It was super fun! My God story is that John yelled out a 10 minute break and everyone sat down to rest but Dan and Noah kept carrying logs and I really just saw god shining through both of them.

Love, Max!

p.s. this is the first time I have ever blogged and that’s why its ehh

Tom: Today we got to mow some lawns. There were these huge hills and they were so annoying, but we did it and we did it well. We went on this really intense hike that was super extremely horrifyingly amazingly crazily steep. Going down was terrifyingly terrifying.

Liz: Today we got to split logs; In the beginning we were really excited because we got to use huge machines that were really fun! As the day went on, we started to notice some bees, and gradually more and more started to come out – and then attacked. After over a dozen bee stings, we were all a little roughed up; BUT we managed to pull it together and have positive attitudes. It turned out to be really cool because the student with the most bee stings was the hardest worker – that’s all GOD. God helped us stay positive and work as a team.

From the victim of the bee sting,


Leader edit:  No one was seriously injured in the making of this blog posts and all bee stings were properly treated by the team nurse 🙂 Despite the dramatic flare of these posts, some incredible things happened in the Sutton community today. The log splitting was to fuel heat for houses in the community for the upcoming winter and log stripping is for a log cabin being built for a woman and child of Sutton. This team embodied encouragement and servant-hood today through some tough work, without a single complaint. The love of this team is overwhelming.

After all of our work, we went to the local school to engage students of Sutton in community with each other and our team. We played camp style games and made friendship bracelets and had three new students join us! We are so excited for that and are praying for that number to multiply throughout the week with this pilot program!

We went on a long hike tonight and the team is sufficiently exhausted – we’re signing off for the night and will catch up some pictures tomorrow!