What We’re Up To
Our first day in Alaska was truly great, and it was sweet to be able to witness the beauty of God at its best. In the morning we got to do devotions with the backdrop of mountains – a sight I will not soon forget. After breakfast, we were welcomed into a small church in the community that was a huge change from the norm of Blackhawk for our team, as the attendance of our home church has more people than the entire town of Sutton. Right after lunch we drove out to a glacier to do some serious glaciating. We forded monstrous rivers and long-jumped over ginormous crevasses. Glaciers with mountains in the background are a sight everyone should see. Dinner was eaten near there, and a campfire back at command central and the day was done. The sunlight here is incredible! We are writing this at 10:45, and the sky looks like it is 6:00. Here are just some of the ways we witnessed God on our first day in the last frontier…

God Stories
Dan: It was just the start of day one, and I was already amazed. Early in the morning, I saw God when we went out on our own to do devotions. While this is a common practice, today was different. Today when we went out, and I found myself looking right at one of the most beautiful mountains I had ever seen while taking time to meditate on God. It was awesome to see God so obviously in nature all around us today and to be able to see such contrasting landscapes compared to at home in Wisconsin.

Anna Marie: First day here, and I am in awe of everything here. Today I woke up to a view of mountains and a fast rushing river. We went to church in the morning, and it was a huge change from Blackhawk. Instead of hundreds to thousands of people at the church, we went to a intimate little church with typically only three rows of chairs set up (they set up more for us). But it was so neat that we got to work with that community and experience something very different from our normal lives. Then again, just being in Alaska is very different from our normal lives.

Morgan: Waking up today with mountains in the background was the perfect way to start off our first day in Alaska. Today we got to visit one of the many glaciers in Alaska which in itself was a huge landscape change for us. The freezing cold ice and glacier streams were the complete opposite of the scorching hot summer we just left in Wisconsin. We not only got to experience the scenery, we got to strap on our boots and climb all over the glacier. Don’t worry parents, we all came back with nothing but a few minor cuts and scrapes. After a good two hours of hiking, we got to enjoy a cookout. It was hands down the best way to start an amazing adventure in Alaska.

Yeahhhhhh God, whoo!

What’s On the Agenda:
Tomorrow we are starting the week of outreach in the community. We are making home visits and doing numerous lawn jobs and small construction projects in the morning and then having a game-filled afternoon with other middle school kids in the area. We are stoked and ask for prayers that kids would show up. We’d like to send a special sh-out^2 to all the moms out there; “Hi.” We’d also like to share the laugh of the day. Allie was pointing out the scenery behind the McDonald’s sign and she said, “Normally all that’s past the sign is…” and Roark quickly said, “a Burger King.” Great laughs!!

Thanks for reading,
Morgan, Dan, and Anna Marie


Shout out to the Alaskan hitchhiker on the corner. Sorry we didn’t pick you up. You looked shady. But hope you got a ride.

Shout out to the Alaskan McDonald’s. Thanks for having mountains in between your sign instead of a Burger King, but we would like you to know that we are disappointed that we didn’t get our double moose burgers.

Shout out to the Pincombe family. Miss you all! Go Middleton Gators!

Shout out to Olivia and Mom in Romania! Miss you both!

Shout out to Ben: #lifetimeachievementunlocked