Our last day

Noah:Today we went on an 8 hour bus tour. We had a great time as we drove through such an amazing demonstration of God’s great creation. It was a ton of fun trying to spot the animals, and even better when we actually found them! We were lucky enough to see eight bears, three caribou, and a moose! It was a great way to wrap up the week and see even more of God’s work. The time here has been great and I can’t wait to come back again some day!

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We saw McKinley!

It was a long, but gorgeous drive all the way to Denali. We drove all the way through the park to get to a school on the north border where we will be sleeping tonight. Mt. McKinley was in clear view from the town we stopped in south of the park and all the way up the trail… Something we have heard we are lucky to have seen. Continue reading

Leaving Camp :-(

This morning we begin packing up all of our belongings and getting ready to leave Eaglecrest.  We have had an awesome time here at camp and have been so blessed by the staff who spend their summer’s serving the groups that come through.  Last night was the Community Dinner and roughly 100 people from the Sutton area were all at camp to enjoy a night of good food (20 lbs of fresh salmon!) and good laughs.  Many of the people there we had served with over the course of the week and so it was so fun to see all those faces together one last time.  It made for a great last-hurrah for us before leaving camp. Continue reading

Wood Splitting and Such…

Today Max, Mike, Olivia, and I went wood splitting and had so much fun! We finished early so we went to the church. I got to use the weed whacker!!! After that we went over to help the others with more wood splitting. Roark somehow calculated we had split about 17,000 pieces of wood!! The other half of the group made a wall with rocks to keep a root-cellar cool, but I didn’t think I should do it because my foot still hurts from earlier in the trip when I stepped on a rusty nail. Once we got back we hung out and now we are getting ready for the community cookout. I can’t wait!!! This trip has been so amazing with seeing all the beautiful mountains and the moose. I’m so glad I came!

The Polar Bear Hunter,
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The Awesome Work We Are Doing

This week I spent every day splitting fire wood with some of the best young boys and girls I think I have ever known. Everyone worked with purpose and drive knowing that if these people don’t have enough wood for the winter, they may not make it through. It is a life or death situation, I spoke to one resident who ran out of wood once and had to burn his furniture and kitchen cabinets. Another resident ran out in February and decided to ride out the rest of the winter in bed with 2 snow suits on and 3 blankets, and I heard other stories as well. By splitting and stacking wood for these kind elderly people we are showing God’s love in a way that they understand is life saving. At the end of work day, I am exhausted but I don’t mind much when I see the smiling faces and here their stories.

Uncle Dave

We All Got Rich

Britney: Yesterday started out with an amazing devotional time. We talked about Honesty and integrity. Yesterday I worked on separating rocks from a pile of gravel. I had so much fun. Our group was being very creative on ways to have fun. We named rocks and we rolled rocks. I had a lot of fun rolling very large rocks to the pile of rocks. We were making a sledding hill for the students of the Sutton elementary school. Then we went back to the elementary school to hang out with the middle school students. We did wheel chair races and card games while others played with water balloons. Then we went to a gold mines and saw some  pretty amazing buildings and carts. When we got back we had our nightly camp fire where we told god stories and prayed as a group. Continue reading

How Great is Our God

There are so many incredible moments here that it would take me a day just to write home about all the love, humility, joy and servant – hood I am experiencing here. The students we are serving with demonstrate a maturity and love for Christ beyond their years … and an energy level I just wish I could keep up with!  Continue reading

Is today Tuesday????

oday Emma Peek, Dan, Anna Marie, Morgan and I went to a community member’s house and we were helping him in his yard. he had been building his house since July of 2006 and he has done it all himself. Some of us were helping build a fence, some of us were moving wood and some of us were digging. I’m sure it would have been very hard but he was very talkative. We got there at 10 but didn’t do one thing until 11. So over all it was a great day and we are all okay. Except for Dan. He had to fight a moose but luckily escaped with only two scratches. Continue reading